Truman Capote’s Ashes Will Be Up For Auction in September

Photo: Wikipedia

If you really loved In Cold Blood and want to take your fandom to a whole new level, your opportunity is knocking: author Truman Capote’s ashes will be sold by Julien’s Auctions in September to the highest bidder.

“I am sure people are going to think this is disrespectful,” said Darren Julien, CEO of the auction house, to Vanity Fair. “But this is a fact: Truman Capote loved the element of shock. He loved publicity. And I’m sure he’s looking down laughing, and saying, ‘That’s something I would have done.’ He was a larger-than-life character.”

The ashes initially went to Joanne Carson, Johnny’s wife, in following the demands of Capote’s last will and testament. Following her death, the remains ended up in the hands of Julien’s, after “The estate didn’t know what to do with them.”

While it’s hardly the way we’d honor one of our favorite authors – a portrait on the wall or a limited edition copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s seems more appropriate – it’s like we always say: to each their own vases full of deceased authors.

Although we’d bet the type of clientele with this kind of disposable income have probably collected enough ashes by now that they should be all set.

Outfit of the Day: How to Rock The Cool Canine Look

Illustration by Hilton Dresden

Looking fierce can be hard to pull off without some help. With so many interesting pieces hitting runways and retail alike, it can be a real struggle deciphering what to wear. That’s why we’ve drawn up the best outfit of the moment, for men and women alike. And we’ll show you how to recreate it. Dog sold separately.

The cropped sleeveless turtleneck.

A staple for any wardrobe, cropped turtlenecks, with or without sleeves, are done best when their “turtle” section is nice and chunky. See this one from Sak’s Off Fifth:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.16.24 AM

The baggy bomber jacket.

Bombers are everything right now, and with the summer coming to an end, you’ll need good layers to combat that fall breeze. Try these ones from Topman:


The boxy, high-waisted shorts.

Tight shorts are over – no one wants to deal with those uncomfortable denim wedgies any longer. Go for a boxier cut in your next pair, ideally with a little pleating action. Try these from ASOS:image1xxl

The purple velvet ankle boots.

Don’t even try to argue with the fact that everyone on this Earth could use a pair of purple velvet pumps. There’s only one place that sells them for cheap and gets the fit just right, and that’s Public Desire:


Enjoy your new wardrobe. And remember, kids: smoking kills.

5 Trends We’ll Be Wearing This Fall

Illustrations by Hilton Dresden

Summer’s coming to a close, and as sad as we are to see the sunshine and beaches (read: binge-a-thons and eternal sweatiness) go, we’re practically tripping over ourselves thinking about slinking back into fall fashion. That first crisp autumn day with a chunky wool sweater, searing coffee, and good book (read: binge-a-thon and eternal shivers) has got us thinking about what to wear this next season. Screw gender: whether you’re a boy, a girl, or something else altogether, here’s what’s going to look magnificent on all the cool kids this fall.


5 trends7

Like this one from Forever 21

Big, baggy coats.

5 trends6

Balenciaga’s S/S 17 runway nailed it. 

Poofy furs.

5 trends3

You’ve got to go thrift for these. But check out Tilda Swinton as the White Witch for inspiration.


Anklets over boots.

5 trends4

Public Desire has the boots we need. All you’ve got to do is throw an anklet over them.



5 trends5
If you buy these from a retail vendor you’re a chump. Check out your grandma’s basement.

Antonio Banderas’ Fashion Line is Here, and It’s Really Boring

Photo: @selected_homme on Instagram

Antonio Banderas’ debut menswear collection, in collaboration with Selected Homme, hit the market yesterday. The line features polo shirts, topcoats, leather jackets, and, you guessed it, jeans. “How exciting! How unexpected!” thought no one. While the collection is certainly high-quality and very wearable, it represents a disappointing trend in menswear: the celebrity designer stepping in to regurgitate the same few biker-chic garments for mass consumption by readers of Men’s Health. Banderas’ collection, while certainly well-designed, is truly interchangeable with another straight male celebrity guest designer of recent weeks: Idris Elba.


While studying at fashion’s Hogwarts, London’s Central St Martins, Banderas was interviewed by school publication 1Granary, where he explained high hopes for his forthcoming collection.


“There is one garment that I love that was lost in menswear a long time ago, and I would like to experiment with it: the cape,” he said.

Check out the entire collection of Selected Homme’s site.

Mattel’s “Ghostbusters” Action Figure Sales “Exceed Expectations”

Image Courtesy of Mattel

The new female-led Ghostbusters film has slayed the box office, pulling in $62 million domestically in under a week, and it’s toy sales are also worth writing home about. Action figures of the movie’s stars are bringing in hefty profits, Mattel reports.

The toy company has been displaying said figurines in the “boys” section of toy stores and superstores (gendered toys are a problem to be solved outside of this article). But, Variety reports, both boys and girls are purchasing the Ghostbusters merch in ample quantities. And sales on the figurines are exceeding the toymaker’s anticipated numbers.

“We’re thrilled with the response to the new Ghostbusters toy line. We worked closely with Sony to ensure each figure featured authentic details from the movie including a wearable proton pack,” said Joe Lawandus, senior VP of design and marketing at Mattel. “The early momentum shows the product is resonating with Ghostbusters fans!”

Ghostbusters is in theaters now. It’s directed by Paul Feig and stars SNL greats Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon, as well as general great person Melissa McCarthy.

Check out the trailer below, and buy your toys here.


Idris Elba’s Superdry Fashion Line Launches in US

Idris Elba is a true Renaissance man: the second season of his design collection with British brand Superdry launched in the US last week, and his latest blockbuster, Star Trek Beyond, is out on Friday. He also found time to pick up an Emmy nom last week for his role in Luther, and continues to maintain a tight-lipped silence on rumors that he might be the next James Bond.

Superdry opened it’s first American retail location last week at their new flagship store at Herald Square in New York. Elba, now in his second season with the brand, was asked to collaborate after being spotted shopping at a London location.


In a matter of weeks, he “was designing the range; he was in the office; he was causing chaos because all the women in the office wanted to come to the design studio,” according to an interview with Superdry CEO Euan Sutherland in Forbes

Elba never went to design school, but his grasp for what makes men look good is undeniable. A champion of effortless refinement, the actor told Women’s Wear Daily his collection is “so simple and easy. You wear it from your work, then to dinner and to drinks afterward and you still look good and feel cool.”


Favorite pieces in the collection include the pricey (and pricey-looking) leather racer jacket, clocking in at $589.50, and a leather moto, which Elba described to WWD as reminiscent of “the Fonzie jacket. It’s based on Indiana Jones, though; it’s that old action movie vibe. It’s super tailored, really cool and just looks good.”

The jacket isn’t the only really good-looking thing around with an old action movie vibe, Idris.

Check out the full collection here.

Japanese Design Legend Issey Miyake Unveils Harmonious Home Collection

Pause for Harmony

Issey Miyake, the fashion legend famous for his angular silhouettes and innovative pleats, has teamed up with Finnish design house Iittala for a 30-piece collection of home goods, all of which are now available in the MoMA Design Store. “Design is not for philosophy, it’s for life,” Miyake once profoundly stated, and what better way to implement this notion than with a beautiful body of work accessible to the everyday consumer? Luxury is arguably worthless if it’s untouchable to the majority.

The collaboration is a marriage of Miyake’s graphic aesthetic with Iittala’s signature Scandinavian simplicity, manifesting into everything from subtle ceramic tea light holders to bold pentagonal table mats. There’s a clear sense of serenity throughout the collection, something echoed by the website’s fixation with harmony. If you’re a self-proclaimed minimalist on a budget, the days of salivating over Miyake’s work, but never pulling the trigger are over. Learn more about the timeless project, below:






(h/t DesignMilk)



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