Rihanna and Venus X Clash Won’t Bring the GHE20G0TH1K Party Down

Shayne Oliver of Hood by Air and Venus X

New York City’s best underground dance night came back for the 5th of July after the DJ in charge, Venus X publicly pondered quitting the party game during an Instagram clash with Rihanna, who had used the #ghetto #goth hashtags in a few social posts and taken inspiration from Venus’s longstanding brand of parties, without citing her influence. It’s a bit hazy who is in the right, but we are glad Venus is back at it.

Fashion star Shayne Oliver of Hood by Air joined her in DJing, as did MIKE Q (Fade to Mind) and ESTYLEZ, who played live sets for a hot and sweaty crowd. As the night came to a close, rapper Chynna treated the crowd with a live rap that brought everybody’s hands up. GHE20G0TH1K did not disappoint once again, as it continues to serve NYC with a night of interracial, cross gender love and danceable urban beats.

Blond Cuties In Black
Blonde cuties in black

Check the Grill
Check the grill



Dont F With Me Braids
‘Don’t F with me’ braids

Glitter nails, graphic print, and a pink lip. YASS
Glitter nails, graphic print, and a pink lip. YASS


Ian Isiah
Ian Isiah

Ian Isiah2Ian Isiah again


Marti RaganMarti Ragan

Mike Q
Mike Q

Nail look of the night
Nail look of the night

Reppin the HBAReppin’ the HBA

Serving Goth Rapunzel Realness
Serving Goth Rapunzel Realness

Sick Mask. And the eyes!
Sick Mask. And the eyes!


Photos by Marcel Pawlas

Drag Race’s Adore Delano’s First NYC Performance Since RuPaul

Over Memorial Day weekend, RuPaul’s Drag Race runner-up (and fan favorite) Adore Delano invited us to follow her into her first New York performance since the show ended, at the Out hotel. From her hotel room to the party, we were entranced by Adore and her bubbly ‘Party!’ personality. She gave us the scoop of everything from what she’d been up to and what her latest record, Till Death Do Us Party, sounds like. Later, Adore introduced us to another queen also performing that night, Darienne Lake, who made us laugh with a great lip-sync to Legendary Lovers by Katy Perry. Adore is the total package, and she showed it by performing her first single DTF to a hungry crowd waiting to be slayed. Here are pics from the night, including a guest appearance from another fan favorite Ben DeLaCreme.

Adore getting ready at her hotel in Times Square

40150001  40160003
Adore in the green room at the Out hotel

Adore and fellow season sixer Darienne Lake

The scene backstage

40160012Darienne changing into her ‘Shady Elephant’ look for her Katy Perry lip sync
       40160020Adore performing DTF

Another season six queen Ben DeLaCreme stops by to say hi after the performance
 540160001Adore with fans

Here’s her recently released first single DTF:

The Prettiots’ Kay Kasparhauser’s Turn Ons? Face Scars + Chipped Teeth

Kay Kasparhauser has been flirting with New York since she was born, and now the doll-faced punk princess is stealing our hearts as the front girl of The Prettiots. We’re totally obsessed with Kay and her ukulele pop ensemble, so we caught up with her after a show at Hotel Chantelle to find out what’s up with her.

Photos from the performance at Hotel Chantelle

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Music was cooler when…
Music was cooler when it was harder.

You studied fashion design… What’s your muse for clothes? What looks would you design for The Prettiots on tour?
We always wear matching outfits on stage, we try and stay very like, Tokyo girl pop group meets Clueless with our styling. There are a couple designers I really want to dress us for our tour, like Ammerman Schlosberg.

Fashion trend that belongs in the trash?
Ummm peplums are super ubiquitous and super anxiety producing.

Who’s your favorite movie star?
Well we have one song about Klaus Kinski and one song about Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) so I would probably say one of them. I think I like specific characters more than actual movie stars.

Will you send us iPhone pics of your most/least favorite tattoos?
I sort of love all of my tattoos, even the terrible ones. Except one on my hip I am getting covered. But its not exactly photographable.

Growing up in New York, what was the first time you snuck out to be bad?
Honestly I didn’t sneak out that much, but I would just completely ignore my curfew, so I guess that’s the same thing? I guess I started doing that when I started going to Misshapes in like 10th or 11th grade. I guess before that, like my best friend and I would sneak out of our houses to share a Fantasia cigarette on the skate hills in Washington Square Park, we thought we were pretty bad ass. They were Fantasias…

What was your favorite class in high school?
Definitely art class or English, I dropped science really early on and had to take like three English classes to make up for it. And I would just go to every art class even if I wasn’t enrolled.

Favorite pop star?
France Gall, and Britney. Freddie Mercury.

Favorite NYC bands?
This is a really hard question.

Turn Ons/Turn Offs?
Turn Ons: facial scars, missing/chipped teeth, well read/watched. Turn Offs: Cocaine, clean black Converse.

The most punk thing you’ve ever done?
I chipped my front teeth on a 40, I’ve put my fist through windows and walls, I have a Beavis and Butthead stick and poke. 

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Photos by Carlos Santolalla

A Brooke Candy Crush

Last night was Brooke Candy’s ‘Opulence‘ themed video premiere, sponsored by Diesel. The ‘freaky princess’ looked ravishing as she sat front row at the screening of her Steven Klein-directed short film, styled by Nicola Formichetti. Held in the basement of the Tribeca Grand, fashion legends mingled with the Susane Bartsch crew to create a surreal party spectacle… it was like a live-action video with the stars themselves! The pictures speak on their own behalf.

Klein Sandwich: Steven Klein, Brooke Candy, Calvin Klein 

Nicola Formichetti

75380015Perez Hilton

75400002John Tuite, Brooke Candy, Carlos Santolalla

75400004Richard Chai, Brooke Candy, Nicola Formichetti 

75400010Donna Karan, Susanne Bartsch

John Tuite, Alex Catarinella

75400025 Natalia Kills and Willy Moon 

75400024Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver 

75380003Greg K

75380007   75380011Amanda Lepore


753800167538001775380018Amanda Lepore

75380019 75390010 75390011
Carlos Santolalla and BlackBook’s Jacob Brown

75390013Alex Catarinella, Carlos Santolalla 


Perez Hilton and Nicola Formichetti

75390019  75400001
Natalia Kills and Jillian Mercado

75400003  75400007Carlos Santolalla and John Tuite

Steven Klein, Brooke Candy, Calvin Klein

75400009John Tuite, Donna Karan, Susanne Bartsch, Carlos Santolalla

Perez Hilton, Steven Klein

Donna Karan, Susanne Bartsch

Steven Klein, Brooke Candy, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan

75400021 75400022Juliana Huxtable

75400023 Jillian Mercado and Nicola Formichetti

75400026Richard Chai 



Watch Opulence here.

Natalia Kills It

Natalia Kills at China Chalet

After we met on set of some stupid fashion shoot last year, I was lucky enough to be swept into Natalia Kills’ adventures in fashion and nightlife. Partying with her is grand–every time she walks into a room people break their necks as she strolls by. Her fashion sense is perfection; she’s a photographable dream come true. Here’s a documentation of some of my favorite shots of this rising and incredibly talented diva that I feel incredibly blessed to have captured:

Natalia and her boyfriend Willy Moon at the Jane

Outside of a shoot 

Performing at an IMG party

At the Versus Versace party

Performing at The Box

Standard East Village

With the ATL Twins at the Opening Ceremony party

Stepping out at the Standard Hotel

At Boom Boom Room for the Purple after party

Performing at the Perez Hilton VMA party

At a Sydney Reising event

Outside of the Ace Hotel

Backstage after her Perez Hilton performance

Check out this pop goddess’ criminally underrated video for her latest single, ‘Trouble’.

Tove Lo Show + After Party at Up and Down With Charli XCX, Icona Pop, + Mia Moretti

 Alex Catarinella and ‘The Dolls’ at Westway

Last night I went to Tove Lo’s first performance in NYC at Westway. In the crowd, the young music scenesters were about, cheering on the up and comer. Tove Lo’s energetic performance had everyone from Charli XCX to Icona Pop singing and dancing along. The one and only pop princess katy perry (whom I was too scared to photograph, she’s gorgeous!) was at the after party with her gaggle of besties that include Mia Moretti and Johnny Wujek.

25300009 Charli XCX 253000082530000725300002 Caroline from Icona Pop 25290007Mia Moretti2529000525300003Tove Lo 25290004Gabe Saporta25290009Johnny Wujek

Icona Pop


Emma Roberts, Gia Coppola, and Dev Hynes at James Franco’s ‘Palo Alto’ After Party

Up & Down hosted the after party for Ms. Gia Coppolas film ‘Palo Alto’.


Nat Wolff

25300017Emma Roberts

25300018Karley Sciortino (Slutever)

Performance by Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) who also did a few songs on the soundtrack

Gia Coppola

Evan Peters

RuPaul Comes Out For Kelis

I was very lucky to attend an intimate Kelis performance at the McKittrick Hotel where she performed soulful/glamourous versions of all our favorite hits. Kelis told the crowd she had been at the hotel hours prior cooking up dishes for everyone to enjoy as she belted out some toned down renditions of some of her best songs including ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Acapella’, as well as some newer songs from her most recent album, Food. Kelis has always been ahead of the trends and she might have just started #FoodPop, the pairing of a performer’s own food with their music. I was also very lucky to catch RuPaul enjoying the show by himself. Here are some pics.

Alex Catarinella