Driverless Cars, Snowden Spy, + Bill Murray

Bill Murray Gave This Spontaneous Speech At A Stranger’s Bachelor Party
Travel around the world and get married at JFK, he told the group of young men.

Snowden: I Was an Undercover Spy
“I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word, in that I lived and worked undercover overseas—pretending to work in a job that I’m not—and even being assigned a name that was not mine.”

Google Unveils Self-Driving Car
The cars have two seats, no steering wheel, gas, or brake pedal—just a stop-and-go button. If all goes well, 100 to 200 of the cars are expected to be driving on California roads in a pilot program next year.

Long Island School Bans Backpacks
Fanny packs are still open game.

Why Online Games Make Players Act Like Psychopaths
Dying in DayZ isn’t like dying in other videogames. The game, developed by Bohemia Interactive, has “configured death with an extreme level of consequentiality not found in other online first-person-shooters.”

How The Gun Lobby Scapegoats Mental Illness
After a tragedy, gun companies want us discussing anything but guns. Here’s how both parties, and the media, comply.

Literary Icon Maya Angelou dead at 86
The civil rights activist, poet and novelist will be remembered as a pioneer.

Visiting The Online Shrine For A Drug Forum’s Dead
Heroin overdoses are common and meth lab explosions seem to kill regularly.


Electric Chair, Drug Dealing Vets, and Queer Kurdish Art Rock

Drug Dealing Inside Miami V.A. Hospital
A V.A. law enforcement officer is accusing Miami’s V.A. Hospital of drug dealing, patient abuse and other crimes.

Twitter Censors ‘Blasphemous’ Tweets
For the first time since it operated in Pakistan, Twitter has begun to censor tweets deemed “blasphemous” or “unethical” by bureaucrats in the Pakistani government.

Putin: Russia Will Respect Ukraine Vote
President Vladimir Putin says that Russia will recognize the outcome of Ukraine’s presidential vote.

Tennessee Brings Back the Electric Chair
Welcome back ‘Ol Sparky. Retro death!

WikiLeaks Says Afghanistan is NSA Target
According to WikiLeaks, the NSA records and stores almost all domestic and international phone calls in Afghanistan, which it says is an important part of the drone targeting program.

Billy Corgan and His Cats Give Us The Magazine Cover We Never Knew We Needed
Billy Corgan featured for his support of a cause that will make you purr.

Meet the New Faces of Queer Kurdish Art Rock
The Berlin-born Turkish singer and songwriter produces songs in two Kurdish dialects. Tekîn’s band Adirjam is gaining steam for being the uniquely first Kurdish queer art rock band.

Google is Working to Build a Wi-Fi Network in the Cloud
Google plans to offer business Wi-Fi services in a very Google-like way; it’s building a virtual Wi-Fi network in the cloud that could connect hundreds of thousands of wireless nodes.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains How Rich Bill Gates is
Neil deGrasse Tyson helps put Bill Gates’ fortune in perspective.

Stop and Frisk for the Soul, Marijuana Sizzurp, + Buying Fame

Image via @actabliss on Instagram

Penn. Gov. Won’t Appeal Gay Marriage
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, who is running for reelection, chose a path followed by fellow Republican governors Chris Christie and Brian Sandoval, who both abandoned appeals they thought they would not win.

Boston Bomber Used Christmas Lights
“The marathon bombs were constructed using improvised fuses made from Christmas lights and improvised, remote-control detonators fashioned from model-car parts,” prosecutors wrote.

Iran ‘Happy’ Video Teens Released
Six Iranian teenagers were released on bail Wednesday, three days after being arrested for creating their own video for Pharrell Williams’s hit “Happy.”

Uber Launches in Saudi Arabia
Uber, the popular taxi service ordered via a smartphone app, is launching today in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. But don’t expect any female drivers to show up—women are still not allowed to drive in the kingdom.

France Buys Trains Too Fat for Stations

What Stop And Frisk Does To A Young Man’s Soul
Every afternoon when Trey left school in his car, two white patrolmen would follow him in their cruiser, sometimes a few blocks, sometimes several miles, before turning on their patrol lights.

The Daily Show’s Jason Jones Paid To Be Famous In India
Jason Jones traveled to India to learn about its form of democracy. What he found was that for the right price, anyone can buy good press. Of course he bought some.

Marijuana Sizzurp Hits The LA Market
The real sizzurp doesn’t make you stupid enough, right? So what you really need is a marijuana-infused sizzurp!

Why So Many Rock Stars Only Make It To 27
When Kurt Cobain committed suicide 20 years ago, the idea of the 27 Club entered the public consciousness.


FBI Relaxes on Pot, GoPro Goes Media + Obama’s Drones

FBI Relaxing Pot Policy for Recruits
The Federal Bureau of Investigation famously has a policy of not accepting job applicants who have smoked pot in the last three years, but it appears the federal agency may be relaxing that rule.

Obama to Disclose Drone Justification
The Obama administration will reveal a much-speculated-about secret memo that explains the legal justification for using drones to target and kill American citizens abroad.

Execution Halted at Last Minute
Attorney argued that tumors in the convicted murderer’s head could complicate the administration of lethal drugs, leading to “excruciating, even torturous pain.”

Inside the Troubling Rise of Fascist Parties Across Europe
History is repeating itself as Europe’s political leadership puts the needs of the banks first and the people last.

GoPro is Turning into a Media Company
GoPro just filed a $100 million IPO.

The Man Who Plays Soccer with One Leg
Alexandre Toledo used to be a professional soccer player in Brazil, but in 1996 a motorcycle accident injured his left leg so badly that the limb was eventually amputated.

Creeped Out by Couchsurfing
Is a brave social experiment spreading love and hospitality around the world, or a hedonistic haven for creeps seeking an easy lay?

A Last Illicit Look Inside the Crumbling Kutsher’s Resort Before it’s Razed
Kutsher’s Hotel and Country Club was the last of the grand old Borscht Belt resorts.

How Much Do You Have to Earn to Afford a Home in NYC?
Fancy yourself a member of the patrimonial middle class, do you?

N. Korea via Google Glass, Bear Attacks + Dictionary Selfie

Woman Treks Two Miles After Bear Attack
A female jogger on an Anchorage military base saved herself by managing to hike two miles after a brown bear launched a bloody attack on her.

‘Selfie’ Is Officially in the Dictionary
Other social media-focused terms, like “hashtag,” “catfish” (as a verb), “tweep,” and “crowdfunding” were declared part of the official lexicon, as well.

What Television Will Look Like In 2025, According To Netflix
You’ll have 48 million TV channels…

Intimate, First Person Views Of North Korea Captured On Google Glass
What’s Korean for “Glasshole?”

Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery For The Perfect Wedding Ring Photo
A growing trend in the U.S. to have plastic surgery to make hands prettier before the all-important selfie…

Facebook’s Latest Trick To Get You To Share More Personal Information
The social network recently rolled out an “Ask” button that will appear next to the relationship status of users who have chosen not to publicly disclose the information.

Patton Oswalt Confronts His Haters
Patton Oswalt sets up a sting operation to confront his most vocal Internet critics face-to-face. But he’s in for a big surprise.

McDonald’s New Mascot Is The Stuff Of Nightmares
McDonald’s unveiled a new mascot today. It’s called “Happy” but so far the reactions have been anything but…

Actor Michael Jace Charged In Wife’s Shooting Death
The Paterson, NJ-born actor, best known for his work in the cop drama “The Shield.”


Michael Jackson Hologram, Farmer Dating Site, + Whiskey Washington

Michael Jackson Hologram Woos Crowd
The King of Pop performed “Slave to the Rhythm” from his new posthumous album, Xscape, at the Billboard Music Awards.

Sex-Positive Female Masturbation App Rejected From App Store
A game called Happy PlayTime, in which a little anthropomorphized cartoon vulva teaches women how to be comfortable with their own bodies.

U.S. Files Hacking Charges Against China
“They used military and intelligence facilities to commit cyber espionage against U.S. companies.”

AT&T to Buy DirecTV for $48B
The merger will secure a sizable chunk of the pay-TV customer base for AT&T, as DirecTV has about 20 million subscribers, and raise new concerns about competition and consumer choice.

Putin Orders Russian Troops Home
On Monday, Putin ordered Russian military units on “planned spring training exercises” back to their home bases after criticism from the West and threats of more sanctions.

Inside The U.S. Government’s War On Tech Support Scammers
Sitting in front of her PC, the phone in her hand connected to a tech support company half a world away, Sheryl Novick was about to get scammed…

YouTube To Reportedly Acquire Videogame-Streaming Service Twitch For $1 Billion
If completed the acquisition would be the most significant in the history of YouTube, which Google acquired in 2006 for $1.65 billion.

Long Before Jack Daniel’s, George Washington Was A Whiskey Tycoon
The Founding Father spent his post-presidency years presiding over a booming alcohol business – not to mention, he also smoked weed.

Why 1.5 Million People Are On A Dating Site Called Farmers Only
Dating sites like OKCupid and are great if you live in a city, where you go on dates with matches and never seen them again if it doesn’t work out. But what if you live in a town with, say, 8,000 people?

Hipster Beekeepers, 3D Guns, + The Death of the Homepage

What the Death of Homepages Means for the Future of News
News publishers lost the homepage firehose and gained a social media flood. It’s making the news more about readers, and less about news.

How 3-D Printed Guns Evolved Into Serious Weapons In Just One Year
The 27-year-old Japanese man arrested last week for allegedly owning illegal 3-D printed firearms did more than simply download and print other enthusiasts’ designs.

Building Fully-Automatic Wolverine Claws
We’re glad these aren’t commercially available, because we’d never take them off and end up stabbing ourselves in our sleep.

Photos Of The Room Where The NSA Plants Bugs In Electronics
Welcome to the bug factory!

Sterling Refuses to Pay NBA Fine
The attorney, Maxwell M. Blecher also wrote that Sterling doesn’t warrant “any punishment at all” for his racist comments that were recorded in a conversation with a female friend and made public.

MTA Scrambles To Keep Up With “Entitled” Millennials’ Expectations
“The Millennials’ expectations are really things that we thought were luxuries when we first rode the system, but they think are entitlements—and they are our customers.”

Urban Hipster Beekeepers Are All The Buzz
Show me the honey!

Drunk Driver Crashes Right Into NYPD HQ


Party Monster Michael Alig Mostly Blames Murder On Drugs, Victim

“So does he think of himself as a murderer? ‘No,’ Mr. Ailg said the other week before his release. ‘I think of myself as a drug addict who made some really, really, really poor choices, like the worst choices ever.”


Moral Robots, Biggest Losers + Google Glass for All

Vermont Becomes Latest State to Hike Minimum Wage
The $10.50 per hour floor by 2018 is highest in the country… so far.

iPhone 6 With Larger Screen in Testing
Apple is preparing to release a new iPhone with a larger screen later this year.

The Military Wants To Build Robots With Morals
Their goal is to build a sense of right and wrong and moral consequence into autonomous robotic systems.

The Inside Story Of The Birth Of The NSA’s Electronic Surveillance Program
The story of America’s biggest intelligence leak started simply: with an email.

Now Anyone In The U.S. Can Buy Google Glass
Douchebags, are you listening?

‘Searching For Sugar Man’ Director Dead At 36
Swedish police say no crime suspected in death of filmmaker who won 2013 Oscar for documentary about the elusive musician.

Former Contestant Reveals The Horrible World Of ‘The Biggest Loser’
“If you didn’t act grateful enough, or you had the audacity to demand to be treated like a human being, they made you look like a huge jerk on TV.

35% Of People Have Never Heard Of The Holocaust
About a quarter of the world’s population agrees that a number of negative statements about Jews are “probably true,” according to a poll aimed at providing a statistical underpinning to the question of how widespread anti-Semitism is globally.

Condoms for NY Sex Workers, World Cup Robbery Tips + Sterling’s Apology

Donald Sterling Apologizes During CNN Interview
He blames his racist comments on Paula Dean…

Neil deGrasse Tyson Praises Scientist Who Knew to Check His Religion at the Door
It’s hard to please the dogmatic creationists, who fundamentally hate science.

Why Marijuana Works Better Than Opiates to Control Pain
One compelling argument for the legalization of medical marijuana is its ability to ameliorate intense pain.

Clay Aiken’s Opponent Dies Suddenly
Less than a week after losing to former American Idol Clay Aiken in a close North Carolina primary election for Congress, 71-year-old businessman Keith Crisco died in a fall at his home. Is this the start of the Aiken Curse? 

Radio Host Casey Kasem Is Missing
At a hearing Monday, a lawyer for his wife, Jean, said “I have no idea where he is” and claimed he had been removed from the country.

Heads Up, Assholes: NYPD Cracks Down On Texting And Pedestrian-Ignoring Drivers Today
The NYPD is on day one of a two-day crackdown on drivers who aren’t paying attention to the rules of the road.

NYPD Will Stop Seizing Condoms From Sex Workers
According to a department release for minor arrests: “Condoms will be secured for safe keeping along with other items of personal property and returned to individuals after they are released from custody.”

Artist H.R. Giger Dies At 74
Swiss artist H.R. Giger designed the creature in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic Alien.

Brazilian Police Warn Visitors: Don’t Scream If Robbed

Brazilian police have put together a pamphlet of top tips for staying safe during the World Cup next month, with suggestions such as making sure not to scream if someone tries to rob you.