IN PREVIEW. Extensive selection and sales keep you hooked. Collections for the whole family, filled out with cosmetics, accessories, and footwear. Choice store for picking up flyby trend apparel or last-minute outfits without debilitating your financial resources. Racks aplenty require dedication and a good eye, but reward steadfast shoppers with super steals. Threads won’t weather through to next season, but that’s alright, the looks will have changed by then.

Urban Outfitters

IN PREVIEW. Mass-produced individuality as only UO can deliver it. One-stop shopping for newly minted hipsters to fill out gaps in their wardrobes and décor. Silence & Noise drapey T’s keep the ladies looking cool in school; boys snatch up BDG skinny chinos for band practice. Faux vintage T’s, shoes, jewelry. Izola, Kidrobot, and Crosley’s retro goods help you fill out that first post-dorm pad. Mostly focused on kitsch, but recent high-profile collabs (Sea of Shoes, Reformed by The Reformation) point toward evolution of the brand.

C. Wonder

C. as in C. Burch, as in the former Mr. Tory Burch, now flogging his own lifestyle line. Aims for the lux shopper, while keeping price tags within the troposphere. Lime green accents adorn colorful department store, stocking everything from coffee mugs to jeans to bicycles. Costume jewelry for the Bobo gal, lively handbags, trim tops. Shoes, but don’t be looking for any interlocking T’s.

Ted Baker London

Ray Kelvin brings his Ted Baker line to the shadow of St. Patrick’s. Glasgow-born ready-to-wear retailer hot to expand, bringing sophisticated quirk for the gents and classy sass for ladies. Fifth Avenue flagship covers a lot of ground, stocks Mainline, Endurance, and Langley collections. One-time shirt specialist now targets wide range (dresses, blazers, jackets, leggings), all long on designer quality, with a touch of eccentricity.

Blossom Du Jour

Seitanic verses. Café arm of vegan chain that’s less crunchy hippie, more “wow, I’d love not to have my heart explode at age 53.” Looking to fill citywide void of “this actually tastes good” vegetarian food. Meat-free menu backpacks from un-fish cod cakes to Cajun seitan to coconut cheese burritos. Taco jones accommodated with sets of three, but only on Tuesdays. Fresh-pressed organic juices keep the lifeforce flowing.


Vancouver export opens its biggest shop yet with Rock Center flagship. Chic looks from Aritzia’s versatile house brands. Designer wear, with edgy A Moveable Feast, vintage-inspired Le Fou, and work-ready t.babaton. Also Wilfred and Wilfred Free, Talula, and TNA. Themed space inspired by natural phenomena, like first NYC foray in Soho. Giant mushrooms just the thing for your next acid trip.


California phenom makes a home in Kips Bay, where fashionable chicks can slap down a pair of twenties in exchange for fashion-model-quality locks. DryBar’s secret is that it keeps it simple. No cuts, no coloring, no aromatherapy (we hope), just washes and blowouts and you’re on your way to the Murrray Hill bars and restaurants just a few stilettoed steps away. They call it a “Blow Dry Bar,” but there’s no booze, so bring your cosmo-filled thermos and get glam. That you’ll walk out with cash to spare is a fabulous bonus.


NYC outpost of UK brand inspired by Japanese graphics and vintage Americana. Ah, globalism. Big store rocking industrial vibe, showcasing Abercrombiesque looks, with abundant use of brand logos. Quality cotton, premium denim, hand-drawn graphic T’s. Retro vintage hooded cropped bomber leather jackets, as seen on Zac Efron. Huge back home, making steady inroads among the young Americans.