Attached to Nancy Silverton’s Mozza culinary mecca on Melrose. Chef Chad Colby is a master of meat, so this mod macelleria is all about the Costata alla Fiorentina, beef & bone marrow pie, and Tomahawk pork chops. Space has cluttered, butcher shop vibe – but prices skewed to Ferrari set.

The Knitting Studio

Los Angeles can be a very stressful place to inhabit. Mad traffic, unrealized dreams of grandeur, piecing together your pretty pennies to look the part of Hollywood scenester. The answer to all this worry is knitting! It’s meditative, you’ll find Zen while your knitting yourself a new sweater. Need to achieve that bohemian hippie look, relax and knit yourself a scarf to score the look. Your friends will love it. Who could resist a handmade gift from you? The Knitting Studio has everything to get yourself up and knitting. Classes, peaceful colorful atmosphere and a shit ton of yarn.