Entendre Couture

Elegant and classic, this boutique offers urban-chic designs for both guys and gals. Dark wood floors, steel fixtures, chandeliers and heavy curtains accent fine clothing. Staff provides personalized service so that you feel extra-special as you browse through labels like Black Halo, 1921 Denim, Trina Turk and Double Happiness.

Tabula Tua

Your tabletop never looked so good. LP boutique specializing in dining accessories. Dishes, flatware, serving pieces and unusual center pieces are the main focus. Thoughtfully chosen, the dinnerware ranges from everyday to fine with collections by L’Objet, Royal Copenhagen and Anna Weatherly. Placemats, glassware and unique kitchen accesories fill up the rest of the shop. All you have left: sorting out is what’s cooking for dinner.


Borderline sexy/trashy, in that just-got-out-of-the-club-in-South-Beach kinda way. Vibrant colors, short hemlines, and Saran Wrap-fit dresses — “modest” is not in Bebe’s dictionary. Party frocks for the barely eighteen, the kind fathers have nightmares about. Fabric (read: coverage) to price ratio equals less is more, so be prepared to shell it out. At best you’ll find cute swimwear and some fun accessories: chandelier earrings anyone?

Banana Republic

Gap’s preppy older brother, Banana Republic, is a common mall stop for the Abercrombie kids who grew up, got jobs and got a taste of life sans mom and dad’s bank account. Still, affordable fashion for 30-somethings and post-college, entry level working types. Lots of khaki and solid colors. Seasonal pieces and accessories for both men and women. Cute shoes are an occasional great find. Classic dresses perfect for attending weddings and business formal events. Accommodating both petites and tall, slender figures. End of season sales definitely worth raking racks for. Reliable, not many surprises or feel good scores here.

Lincoln Tap Room

Is it a dive, an indie rock bar, a chill-out neighborhood spot or just a place with a lot of great beers? Take your pick because this place accommodates just about any taste as long as it appreciates Maker’s Mark chased with Budweiser in a bottle. Famous guys from used-to-be-local bands, guys in local bands, and guys who wish they were in local bands hang out with chicks who wouldn’t dream of ordering an appletini.

Karyn’s Fresh Corner

Legendary in vegetarian, vegan and raw food circles, Karyn Calabrese’ raw food temple offers entrĂ©es, salads and wraps. There is a “meatless meatloaf,” and the fresh juice cocktails and elixers come spiked with flax oil or the mysteriously named oxygen drops. Also known for its raw vegan desserts from carob pudding to non-dairy organic Dream Cream. For the diehard health nut, Karyn’s offers detox programs, holistic therapy, and nutritional consultations.

1154 Lill Studio

Interactive handbag studio where you can mix and match materials to create a one-of-a-kind handbag. First you pick a style of bag (each one is named after a family member of owner Jennifer Velarde) and then choose the fabric to go with it. To top it off, pick out fun accessories for the bag: wooden handles or clever latches. Bags arrive after three weeks and are suprisingly durable. Why settle for an overpriced, so-so purse again when you can just make your own?


One of the hallowed halls of molecular gastronomy, a prix fixe tour de force of carefully composed culinary microcraft by exalted chef Grant Achatz. The 12 or 24 courses challenge diners to rethink food itself; servers bearing specific instructions on how to consume each culinary trinket for maximum effect. Bring your imagination…and Black Card.

All She Wrote

Put down your Blackberry and actually consider sending someone a proper thank you note. Stocked with lots of pretty stationary, unique cards and personalized invitations, this place makes you want to improve your handwriting. Wedding invites are a specialty and cutesy gifts and a comfy couch make it all the more comfortable for the casual browser.