California phenom makes a home in Kips Bay, where fashionable chicks can slap down a pair of twenties in exchange for fashion-model-quality locks. DryBar’s secret is that it keeps it simple. No cuts, no coloring, no aromatherapy (we hope), just washes and blowouts and you’re on your way to the Murrray Hill bars and restaurants just a few stilettoed steps away. They call it a “Blow Dry Bar,” but there’s no booze, so bring your cosmo-filled thermos and get glam. That you’ll walk out with cash to spare is a fabulous bonus.

Banana Republic

Gap’s preppy older brother, Banana Republic, is a common mall stop for the Abercrombie kids who grew up, got jobs and got a taste of life sans mom and dad’s bank account. Still, affordable fashion for 30-somethings and post-college, entry level working types. Lots of khaki and solid colors. Seasonal pieces and accessories for both men and women. Cute shoes are an occasional great find. Classic dresses perfect for attending weddings and business formal events. Accommodating both petites and tall, slender figures. End of season sales definitely worth raking racks for. Reliable, not many surprises or feel good scores here.

Rodeo Bar

The ghost of Johnny Cash floats through this legendary roadhouse, blessing every last drop of amber whiskey with his immortal baritone. Hold on tight and drink hard while toasting a long-dead Texas. Nightly no-cover musical bookings of down ‘n’ dirty alternative up and comers. Better for drinking than eating, and if you’re drinking, order ’em stiff.