Why You Really Need a Scented Fendi Baguette



We somehow managed to survive yet another two month stretch of pumpkin spice everything (we swear, we even smelled it on a cat sweater), and are now gleefully taking in the pleasures of everything being scented with gingerbread and balsam – a particular sort of happy place for us.

But now comes word that our friends at Fendi will be dazzling us with the introduction of a new…wait for it…scented leather Baguette bag. A playful collaboration with venerable parfumeur Maison Francis Kurkdjian, the FENDIFRENESIA Baguette ensures that even if you forgot to spritz a little behind the ears in the morning, you’ll walk the city streets confident of your considerable olfactory appeal.


The FENDIFRENESIA scent itself (a 4ml sample is included with purchase) is characterized by leathery / musky notes which emphasize the textural qualities of the Selleria leather from which the bag is made. But this is certainly not just some fancy scratch and sniff – the scent is applied in a way to last up to four years on each bag. At which time they are guaranteed to still be in fashion.

The bags will debut the evening of December 4 at Fendi’s Miami Design District boutique, as part of Design Miami – though you can be pretty sure a few will also be spotted around Art Basel. As well, Christelle Boulé’s photographs of the fragrance being dropped onto colored film paper will give the opening event a frisson of cultural gravitas.

FENDIFRENESIA Baguette will be available only at the Miami shop as of December 5, while the nano baguette is available now at Fendi.com.



First Images: Dior Pops Up Twice in Mexico – and Yes, One of Them is in Tulum



Dior loves Mexico. And it’s a love affair that goes back to the early days of the exalted fashion house.

Today, two new physical manifestations of that cross-continental affection were unveiled, with a breezy cool new boutique opening in Cancún, at the Palacio de Hierro department store, and another at Zak ik at the breathtakingly beautiful Azulik Hotel in Tulum. The latter shop is absolutely stunning, with its wilderness chic vibe, and moody lighting.

Both stores will carry the 2020 Cruise Collection by Dior Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiurri. Expect the red and white striped J’ADIOR TULUM shirt to be de rigueur on the Riviera Maya in the coming season.


Top two images, Cancún; Bottom two images, Tulum

Kiernan Shipka & Christian Coppola Zip Around Rome for Fendi’s #BaguetteFriendsForever Series



Ever since that first time we swooned for Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, we have dreamed of zipping around the Eternal City on the back of a Vespa with a very special someone.

Our friends at Fendi – who just happen to call Roma home – surely know how we feel. And so have delivered us a special holiday treat, as part of their ongoing #BaguetteFriendsForever series, which celebrates, of course, the exalted Fendi Baguette bag and, well, the beauty of friendship.




For this installment of BFF, they lured real life BFFs actress Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and director Christian Coppola to Rome – we’re guessing that didn’t have much trouble accomplishing that – to share a gelato, toss coins in the Trevi Fountain, and, of course, traverse the city on a cool lime green Vespa – all to the groovy sounds of the Fatboy Slim classic “Praise You.”

The iconic fashion house also unveiled today four restored Roman fountains – Gianicolo, Mosè, Ninfeo del Pincio and Peschier – as part of the Fendi For Fountains initiative, which is working to preserve some of the city’s most beloved ancient treasures.

Surely there will never be another Audrey and Gregory. But this new #BaguetteFriendsForever clip is another wonderful reminder that our love for Rome is as eternal as the city itself.


Missoni Opens New Singapore Flagship Boutique




Western shoppers have not been kind to marquee fashion brands’ retail efforts, lo this past decade or so – as trends have shifted to digital purchasing (thus spreading out the actual spend), and a new generation has become less luxury-brand-focused/loyal. But the East still has its label mania nearly fully intact, and thus remains in thrall to the iconic houses.

No surprise then, extravagant boutique openings in major Asian cities are not in the least unusual. And indeed, Missoni has just opened the doors on a striking new Singapore flagship, at The Shoppes by Marina Bay Sands – already home to the likes of Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Fendi, Dior…one gets the idea. The 150 square meter space was concepted and designed by Angela Missoni herself, who still retains a refreshingly hands on approach to the brand;s creative endeavors.

“It’s very exciting to have this opportunity to bring the Missoni brand to Singapore’s most iconic luxury mall,” she enthuses. “It is the perfect location for us to debut our flagship boutique, and we hope this will open up new doors for Missoni to expand the brand within the whole Southeast Asia region.”

Featured amongst the stylish racks will be Missoni Womenswear, Menswear, Beachwear and Accessories collections, as well as the new M Missoni collection, designed by daughter Margherita Maccapani Missoni.


Chanel’s ‘Mademoiselle Privé’ Exhibition Opens in Tokyo



Chanel will be taking its Japanese devotees on an intimate journey into the very sources of the brand’s ideology this fall, on the fifth leg of its installation, Mademoiselle Privé. It is an apt title, one that also adorns the doors of its Paris Creation Studio at 31 rue Cambon.

The innovative exhibition features iconic pieces from its archives, and will be open to the public this month and is up through December 1 at Tokyo’s B&C Hall. It follows a successful run earlier this year in Shanghai, which was preceded by Hong Kong in 2018, Seoul in 2017 and London in 2015.



Visitors will experience Chanel’s creative processes as well as its absolute sense of luxury up close, with three different worlds being presented: haute couture, fragrance and jewelry. Among the highlights is a panoply of fabrics and patterns from Chanel’s most groundbreaking designs, with several salons dedicated to different materials used in past collections.

Also, a gallery devoted to the classic fragrance Chanel No. 5, which was created in 1921 and remains absolutely iconic. It’s just one example of the label’s unmatched longevity and relevance, as the scent continues to remain en vogue after nearly 100 years.



Perhaps most dazzling is the Bijoux de Diamants jewelry, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s collection of diamonds in platinum designed in 1932. It pioneered the use of flowing, asymmetrical styles at a time when high jewelry was quite stiff, making use of motifs of the sun, stars, and lions – favored symbols of the legendary designer. At the time of the release of the collection, it was quite unusual for a couturier to dabble in high-end jewelry.

To any connoisseur of Chanel, the installation is a delight to the senses, and is perhaps even a reason to stop putting off that trip to Tokyo.

Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Tokyo will be presented through December 1 at the B&C Hall in Tennoz, Shinagawa. 


Images: The 2019 Guggenheim International Gala, Supported by Dior

Charlize Theron and Dior’s Maria Grzia Chiurri


The Met Ball makes the biggest noise, but the annual Guggenheim International Gala comes complete with a whole other level of gravitas. Indeed, this year’s honorees were architect Frank Gehry, philanthropist Peter Lawson-Johnston, plus Works & Process founder and producer, respectively, Mary Sharp Cronson and Caroline Cronson, with Dior as the event’s generous patron.

Guests were also, by virtue of simply showing up, immersed in one of the museum’s most fascinating exhibits in recent memory, Artistic License: Six Takes on the Guggenheim Collection, for which artists Cai Guo-Qiang, Paul Chan, Jenny Holzer, Julie Mehretu, Richard Prince and Carrie Mae Weems collaborated to present their own view of the exalted permanent collection. There was also a riveting performance by cellist Kelsey Lu.

But the stars and the clothes do have their own special way of generating column inches. And the famous and fabulous were out in force for the high-profile benefit, Charlize Theron, Karlie Kloss, Maya Hawke, all decked out in their finest Dior, naturally. Here’s what they looked like.


  • Karlie Kloss
  • Maya Hawke
  • Nina Dobrev
  • Racquel Chevremont
  • Zoey Deutch
  • Christine and the Queens
  • Uma Thurmann


First Trailer: ‘House of Cardin’ Documentary is a Dazzling Look Back at the Fashion Legend



Long before Bowie’s futuristic alter ego Ziggy Stardust fell to earth in his glittering, striped jumpsuit, exalted designer Pierre Cardin was imagining an otherworldly sartorial future. While beloved amongst fashionistas for his space age designs and gender-bending approach to style, Cardin is perhaps best known for his infamous licensing deals (something that hadn’t really been done before the 1960s), that lent his signature to everything from sheets to sunglasses, amassing him a fortune in the process.

Beyond his immediately recognizable logo, though, few know much about the man or the contributions the 97-year-old icon has made to art and culture.

Most thrillingly then, a new film, House of Cardin, offers a rare peek into Cardin as the genius and visionary he genuinely was (and is). The authorized feature documentary by P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes chronicles his life and illustrious career through archival footage, and interviews with cross cultural luminaries such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Philippe Starck, as well as muses Naomi Campbell and Sharon Stone. There are also fascinating conversations with Pierre himself.



The first public trailer has just been released, and in it we are transported back to his extravagant fashion shows, including a breathtaking spectacle at the Great Wall of China. Campbell, Stone and supermodel Jenny Shimizu all express their earnest admiration (“He was the first designer to get into diversity,” observes the latter), while design legend Starck perhaps most perfectly sums up Cardin’s legacy: “He’s not of the modern style; he’s modern. He has a modern way of thinking.”

House of Cardin received a standing ovation at its Venice Film Festival premiere, and will open in New York on November 9th at the SVA Theater, 333 West 23rd Street, as part of DOC NYC.



First Images: New Henrik Vibskov Flagship Opens in Copenhagen



Arguably the unofficial international figurehead of the “New Nordic Movement” (traceable back to the early oughts, when the opening of the Øresund Bridge connected Sweden and Denmark, and made anything seem possible), Henrik Vibskov represents perhaps one of the last of a generation of “rock star” designers.

After graduating from London’s Central Saint Martin’s in 2001, the provocative Dane’s eponymous fashion label rejected Scandinavian minimalism for a more theatrical, colorful bohemian aesthetic – yet with a distinct attention to tailoring and craftsmanship. After producing his infamous The Big Wet Shiny Boobies Collection, he opened his first Copenhagen shop in 2006 – before also taking up in New York’s Soho in 2011.



Now, just in time for holiday shopping for your most flamboyantly fashionable friends, the new Henrik Vibskov flagship has opened in the Danish capital, along the buzzing Gammel Mønt. The clean lined, cavernous space was designed by Clover Studio (a London and Copenhagen based concern), and its defining feature is a series of red roping, fastened to tabletops above and below, creating something of a stalactite/stalagmite effect. Large arched windows take in the graceful historic architecture of the surrounding neighborhood.

Stocked are the full range of uniquely stylish offerings, including shoes, sneakers and accessories.

Ever the thoughtful provocateur (as well as artist, film director and musician), Vibskov’s most recent, Spring 2020 collection was titled “Stuck Under the Surface,” a commentary on human stagnation and entropy. Which, considering this dazzling new flagship boutique, he is in absolutely no danger of being guilty of.


Dear Giana is Re-Inventing Fashion Illustration…and She’s Just 10 Years Old

Above: Exclusive Illustration by Dear Giana for BlackBook



A young artist is blazing new trails in fashion imaging these days, taking both critics and galleries by fashionable storm. And when we say young…we mean young.

Illustrator Dear Giana is positioned perfectly at the intersection of art and fashion, and has, at just age 10, already received numerous accolades. No surprise, she’s also already inked collaborations with high profile brands, Nordstrom x Nike, for instance. But she has absolutely earned it.

This Filipina-Mexican-American artist has become known for recreating high-end fashion ads using freehand drawing techniques, with various mediums outside of color crayons. Her mother’s extensive collection of books, and numerous old print issues of Vogue, I-D and Harper’s Bazaar had provided with Giana no shortage of references and subject matter to influence her singular style.



Indeed, her work is a tour de force, that innovates even the most established logos and looks, infusing them with a distinct new life. Just when you thought a Nike swoosh was a Nike swoosh, or perhaps you were eagerly awaiting the next release of Jordan or Kyrie high tops, you will be dazzled by something dynamic, yet organic; urban and sophisticated…yet youthful and playful. That’s the magic of Dear Giana, or as her family calls her, “Lil G.”

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Dear Giana at her first show in New York at the flagship of discount fashion retailer Century 21, where she led a customization workshop sponsored by the Levi’s X Crayola collaboration. She was invited by Executive Vice President Isaac Gindi, who discovered her through Instagram and was instantly enamored.



Congratulations on your first show in New York. Your work is really exceptional and looking at your portfolio, we see that you’ve used several media in your work. What is your favorite medium?

I don’t really have a favorite. When I start to work on something, I usually make half drawings. So if I am using paper, I divide the paper in half and then to sketch out half of the image first, then work on the other side. I pay close attention to textures, and that helps me choose a medium. And I try to find a texture that best matches the crayon or the marker or whatever I am using to create the image. I always want things to match.

Are there any people who in particular that inspire you as an artist? Who are your influences?

Well, I really look up to my mom – but as an artist, I would say that Frida Kahlo is someone who inspires me. Even when she was sick, she stayed dedicated to her art. She continued to paint and she still held her shows. She had a passion and she carried on, which I think was amazing.



Do you listen to music when you work?

I listen to classical music when I work. I enjoy Mozart very much, it’s at the right speed for doing my work. When I am not doing my art, I really love to listen to Gwen Stefani. I like all of her music.

So now that you have held a successful event in New York City, what city would you now most want to show your work and share your talents in?

That’s a really hard question! I want to get it as far as it could go. I want to get it everywhere.