Nouveau-luxe nightspot, Pan-Euro design elements, clubby leather sofas, Empire style barstools, Turkish rugs. Anti-cocktail ethos, just strong mixed drinks done quickly. Focus is on grooving, top DJ talent spins hip-hop and house.

adidas SLVR

Modern, clean-cut, line of eco-friendly designs contrast with the sporty-chic essentials of sister labels Y-3 and adidasOriginals. Organic cotton and water-resistant nylon build the foundation for minimalist men’s and women’s wear. Along sleek white walls, sift through knit cardigans, twill blazers, nylon starter jackets and signature Adidas style multi-colored sneakers and duffels.

Crumb on Parchment

Miami’s culinary darling Michelle Bernstein (Michy’s, Sra. Martinez) has appeared on Top Chef and even has her own show on PBS. But Bernstein is one of the most low key ‘celebrity’ chefs out there. And Crumb on Parchment is proof of that. A cozy spot serving breakfast and lunch on weekdays only, COP features pastries by her mother Martha and fare so good it speaks for itself.

Harry’s Pizzeria

Arguably Miami’s best chef is Michael Schwartz of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink fame. Harry’s, named after his son, is his version of a casual neighborhood pizzeria where you will see Schwartz pushing pizzas in and out of the wood burning oven. And not just any pizzas: think the MGFD Bacon Pizza starring the bacon smoked at MGFD, fingerling potatoes, caramelized onions, aged Gruyere and finished with fresh arugula, olive oil and sea salt. Short and simple menu focusing on Schwartz’s signature homage to local ingredients, craft beers and just a few tables and bar seating in a very industrial Design District-y space.

MC Kitchen

Molto bene Italian eats amidst sleek interiors, courtesy of Iron Chef alumina Dena Marino. Lunching local types and fashionistas on a shop-hopping recharge break flock to this stylish outpost, where the beer cocktails defy logic and the ground veal is so good your mama will want the recipe.

Poltrona Frau

Appropriately located in Miami’s Design District, the 27,000 square foot flagship is housed in a wildly deconstructionist red, grey and purple structure that appears as if it may fall to pieces at any moment. Inside are two stores comprising the holy trinity of Italian design brands, PF, Cappellini and Cassina, along with other carefully chosen pieces; it’s veritably a design museum with price tags. A bookshop offers a carefully chosen selection of art, architect and fashion tomes, so you have something to ponder whilst parked on your magnificent new furnishings.

The Cypress Room

Brainchild of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink’s Michael Schwartz, The Cypress Room is a deliberate homage to all things Americana. Think understated crowd favorites that rise to the occasion by way of quality of product and skill in execution. Some unexpected twists include the lamb tartar and antelope in baby turnips. If that doesn’t weird you, the taxidermy adorning the walls might.

The Stage

Think Brooklyn-chic, coffee-house-cool, but with three bars. Stage is home to local and national acts. Space to dance if you so choose, or comfortable couches that don’t require you to buy a bottle. Leave any pretentiousness at the door, and get ready to flaunt your cred.