Life Lessons from DVF with a Side of Fashion and Glamour

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Photo: Hans Dorsinville

DVF: The woman, the brand, the icon–and the author. Think of DVF and a few things come to mind: the legendary wrap dress, her role as President of the CFDA, and a host of other accomplishments.

Woman I Wanted to be

In her new book out this week, The Woman I Wanted To Be, von Furstenberg explores how she became someone so many of us admire today. It’s an inspirational book from the get-go.

The memoir is not all fashion and glamour. It starts with a detailed, and emotional chronicle of her mother’s parenting, and DVF’s search to understand her mother’s history. She gives her mother the most credit in helping her become the woman she wanted to be–when Diane was born, her mother was barely two years out of the German concentration camps. Her mother’s repeated lesson that “fear is not an option,” remains a daily influence on DVF.

With that mantra in tow, DVF became the living legend we know and love, and the extraordinary journey of how that happened is the story in this must-read for any fashion fan.

Get the book here.