Your Definitive Guide To Casting On ‘American Horror Story’ Season Two

Casting news can get so tedious, especially when you couldn’t give a crap about the latest Breaking Hunger Potter Twilight Games franchise. But a casting update I can get behind is season two of American Horror Story, which will be set in an all-new setting and feature an almost all-new cast. Creator Ryan Murphy dished to The Hollywood Reporter that season two will be "fun, sexy and baroque" and set on an East Coast mental institution for the criminally insane. So who can we expect to see onscreen?

  • Jessica Lange (who played Constance the neighbor): Lange will play a nun who runs the East Coast mental institution, spars with patients, and is in love with her hunky boss.   
  • Other season one actors including Zachary Quinto (Chad the spurned gay lover), Evan Peters (Tate the creepy boyfriend), Sarah Paulson (medium Billie Dean) and Lily Rabe (Nora the sad mom): These season one cast member will return to the series, but will play entirely new roles. The only thing we know about Quinto’s role is that he’s been signed on as the series’ "co-lead" along with Lange. #2
  • Adam Levine: Yes, we’re going to learn the hard way if Maroon 5 frontman and co-host of The Voice can actually act in something longer than a music video. Murphy said the singer needs to "play a sexy guy" and will appear with actress as two "gritty" characters called The Lovers.  
  • Chloe Sevigny: The indie darling will play a "nymphomaniac" named Shelly who will "go head to head" with Lange’s nun character.
  • James Cromwell: The Artist actor will join the cast as a doctor at the mental institution named Dr. Arden.
  • Ralph Fiennes: The hunky actor is "in talks" to play Jessica Lange’s boss and "lust object," according to’s Vulture blog.  
  • Chris Zylka: The young actor has just appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man and the recently cancelled Secret Circle. He’s now headed to season two in an as-of-yet unclear role, but only indicated he gets screentime with Lange. 
  • Britne Olford: The young actress recently played Cadie in the American version of Skins and will join the season two cast as a character named Alma.
  • Lizzie Brochere: The French actress will play a "nemesis" to Jessica Lange’s character on season two. According to TV Line, her role was described in casting as a femme fatale, "extremely sexual and dangerous wild-child sexpot" and compared to Angelina Jolie’s character in Girl Interrupted. Sounds like a perfect part for a French actress known for her racy work.

So there you have it: an exhaustive, but surely not  yet complete, list of who we can expect in season two. In the meantime, where are you all getting your psychosexual comedic drama?

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