Would Miss America Nina Davuluri Be Turned Away at an NYC Club?

Walking up to such a beautiful woman with such a commanding presence as the newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri is wonderful. But thinking about all the negative comments on Twitter from people who were upset that a woman of Indian heritage won the crown, it made me wonder if she and her friends could—without the help of her publicist—get into a NYC nightclub.

There was a time when I would say definitely be problematic. Now, it’s a probably maybe. Racism at the door of nightclubs is rarely talked about except by the people turned away because of the color of their skin. Most clubs are extremely whitebread. Nightclubs which are sometimes thought to be so forward seem, in this regard, stuck in Selma in 1966. Simply put, it’s much easier to be white and get into a whitebread club. Am I being to subtle? Or too obvious?

In the mid-1990s, people of Indian descent began to visit clubs in earnest. They usually came in large groups with the girls negotiating with the door staff. Most clubs refused based on purely racist grounds. Clubs that embraced the well dressed and monied clientele were rewarded with loyalty. Today, there are Indian owners and employees but still, there’s inequality at the door.

Man about town Terry Casey is hitting me about action at the National Underground on the LES. On Thursday, I’m supposed to attend Undergroove hosted by Kontraband and KB Jones. Terry told me the place is refreshingly hot. I hope I don’t ruin things by telling you about it.

Tonight, I will attend the 10-year anniversary gala at Canal Room. My boy Eric Presti has his cover band Jessie’s Girl performing. Word comes from Bali that Mark Baker, who used to be the man about town here in NYC, is getting really really close to opening his Townhouse night spot. The teaser flier says September 2013 and I’m a believer. I’ve always believed in all things Mark Baker and I just won’t stop. He was the best I ever met here and I’m sure it will be magical.

Tomorrow night is Alon Jibli‘s long-running Tuesday.Baby.Tuesday party which thrives at Finale at 199 Bowery will have some notable and wonderful guest DJ’s. Run DMC’s Rev Run will be joined by the incredible Ruckus. Residents Reach and Shortkutz will also be on hand. If you haven’t seen this, I advise you to motivate.

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