This Is What Your Work Husband/Wife Wants This Holiday Season

Illustration: Napkin Killa

Gifts to help your significant work other get through the day — after all, that’s exactly what they do for you.


Panatea Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Set, $59


For the coworker who keeps threatening to quit coffee, help them fulfill their promises.


Poketo Brass Desk Accessories, from $39


For a beautiful desk top situation — help keep each other organized and looking good.


The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s New Wave Individual Membership, $300


So you’ll always have a good friend to enjoy a good movie and a night spent at Lincoln Center with.


Aquafarm Aquaponic Indoor Garden, $60

Animals are said to increase productivity in the workplace. This has the added benefit of offering up extra oxygen — and it’s self cleaning.


Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle, $365

Cynthia says it best herself: “Necessity is the mother of invention…”


Poketo Marble Blank Notebook, $32


Everyone has to keep their brilliant ideas somewhere, and that somewhere might as well be visually appealing.


El Casco Post-It Note Holder, $95

Your office love notes need a vessel.


Tokyo Pen Shop Macarons Erasers, $0.99


This is exactly what your work spouse needs. Come to think of it, this is exactly what you need, too. Good thing they are 99 cents a piece.

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