Women’s Heads Found In Cages in Brooklyn

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I made a disturbing discovery this morning; I found several women’s heads inside of cages right down the street from where I live in Brooklyn. In a disturbing and twisted, barbaric act, the heads were put on display inside a window of a hair salon – for all to see. What has this sick world come to? The caged head were being held captive at Rosy’s Unisex Salon on Metropolitan Ave. Like Jesse Pinkman caged by Nazis at the bottom of a meth lab. (I think the top two were trying to escape – or they’re free range heads.) Why does the caged head sing? It’s time’s like  these that I think of the philosophical words of Confucius: 

"I was sad because my head was in a cage, until I met a head with no body." 

Don’t worry, me and my vigilante human-rights group plan on setting the caged women’s heads free…











A pair of man-heads were also found caged up. (Nice head set.) Is that guy on the right wearing a merkin?