Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad For Leonardo DiCaprio. Ever.

It is not just that Leonardo DiCaprio has had sex scenes with Kate Winslet in two different movies. You are officially off the hook from feeling bad for Leonardo DiCaprio ever because while filming Martin Scorcese’s latest he spent four hours with strippers rubbing their boobs in his face.

While filming The Wolf Of Wall Street about sex, drugs, and the ’90s stock market, Page Six reports that Leo and Matthew McConaughey filmed a scene at Lucky Cheng’s drag bar. Lucky Cheng’s had been done up to look like a strip club, complete with a gaggle of brunette strippers—some naked—tasked with jiggling their tits in Leo’s face. A source revealed "They did five or six takes, more or less the same scene over and over, with girls dancing and rubbing on him." Thankfully Leo is a gentleman and was "very professional" throughout filming. (Also, he has yet another blonde girlfriend.)

Hard day at the office indeed.

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