Watch Madonna Perform at the #secretprojectrevolution Opening at Gagosian

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At Tuesday night’s film premiere, Madonna showed up to promote her Steven Klein-shot film for #secretprojectrevolution. After screening the film, artists and performers treated us to their own spectacular performances. A highlight reel, below:



What you don’t see, right before 1:36 in the video, and before Madonna sang Elliot Smith’s Between the Bars… two "police officers" dragged the Queen up on stage from her spot right behind me in the audience. With everyone sitting on the ground, there wasn’t exactly a path to drag her through, which meant I had Madonna, heels and all, dragged over and on top of me – as in I SMELLED LIKE MADONNA’S PERFUME FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT. I mean, Madge, guys. 

That may have been the highlight of my night, but MDNA tour dancer Chaz’s incredible dance duet with a violinist stood out for the remainder of the audience, along with other performances set against disturbing historical images and pertinent musical choices – Nina Simone’s Strange Fruit among them.

In her introduction, Madonna stressed the importance of the project – to her this film means more to her than any other creative project she’s worked on, so Madonna fans, take note! Freedom of artistic expression and the end of persecution across the board are top priority for the Queen. What’ll you do?