Ukrainian Art Exhibit Stars Real-Life Sleeping Beauties Waiting To Be Kissed

A Ukrainian art exhibit called Sleeping Beauty stars five young women who take turns sleeping in the gallery for two hours a day — and pledge to marry the person whose kiss awakens her. So far only one Beauty in the Kiev museum has been woken from a kiss, but it was by a woman who already has a boyfriend. And Ukraine does not allow same-sex marriage. So there’s that. 

Sleeping Beauty is a piece by Taras Polataiko, a Ukranian-Canadian artist, who told Yahoo News that the point of the exhibit is for viewers to witness love’s starting point but also about the tension in the moment of the kiss. But that’s more wishful thinking on his part:  National Art Museum of Ukraine visitors sign paperwork that reading "If I kiss the Beauty and she opens her eyes, I agree to marry her" are not legally binding. In addition to germs and maybe-husbands, the volunteering women are also getting presents from would-be suitors: one visitor left a Sleeping Beauty $400 and a new iPad. Not bad for the risk of mono. 

Alas, the exhibit ends today, so let’s hope those other Beauties get married off.

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