Tina Fey Hates Twitter, Tweets Under Martha Stewart’s Turkey Tips Account

Amy Poehler’s Ask Amy advice videos are the best thing on the Internet any day a new Ask Amy video appears. Someone at NBC got Tina Fey in on the game, too, with her own Ask Tina videos.  They’re not as good as Ask Amy, but still deserve an honorable mention because this is Tina Fey we’re talking about.

Today, Tina is talking about Twitter. She’s never used it and just to make that clear she calls tweets "Twitter things." Then she spends, like, another three minutes bitching about Twitter.

We get it. You do not like Twitter.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but there’s probably an entire chapter about how stupid Twitter is in her memoir Bossypants? Don’t really understand why this video neded to happen. But whatever, 30 Rock 4eva! 

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