The World Didn’t Need A Cheetos-Flavored Macaron

Macarons were having a moment here in New York City. From Ladurée, which opened last year on the Upper East Side, to smaller macaron shops like Cafe M to the Macaron Cafe, these tiny French cookies had unseated cupcakes as the delicate pastry du jour. At least, until the Cheetos-flavored macaron came along.

This orange abomination is the work of the devil the Macaron Parlor. The oustide is made with Cheetos dust and the Food Beast reports "the ganache inside is also flavored with crunchy cheese puffy goodness." Macaron Parlor are the same people who brought us candied bacon macarons. No doubt there is a pork rinds and Cheez Whiz macaron TK. How could I not have guessed they would be located on St. Marks Place?

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