The Black Keys Sue Pizza Hut, Home Depot, For Ganking Music

All the Cheesy Bites Pizza in the world won’t make the The Black Keys withdraw their lawsuit against Yum Brands, Inc., owner of Pizza Hut. The suit, filed on Thursday against Yum Brands and its advertising agency, alleges Pizza Hut used "significant portions" of the song Gold On The Ceiling in a commercial for their cheesy pizza snacks without authorization. 

Likewise, Home Depot is also fingered in a separate suit for ganking parts of the song Lonely Boy for a commercial for Ryobi power tools.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, the duo who make up The Black Keys, joined with El Camino album producer Danger Mouse against the mega-corps. The lawyering up comes one month after what we can only assume was a very polite and nice letter to both companies, asking them to kindly not steal the artists’ work.

Come on, guys. At least send them a free power drill.

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