Tata Harper: The All-Natural Skincare Line You Get Emotionally Attached To

When a skincare brand arrives that has hardly any competition, it shocks the health and beauty industry – and they are a hard team to shock. Jaded by impossible promises and expectations, a skeptic eye is cast at any upshots declaring that they’re doing something “new.”  But when Tata Harper – a 100 percent natural and non-toxic luxury skincare line – hit the market, a little glimmer of hope opened up – perhaps some sunlight coming straight from where the Tata operations is based: on a 1,200 acre farm in a valley of Vermont. Herbs and flowers from the farm, such as daffodils and Spanish lavender, are cultivated and added to the products. Take one whiff of the washes and creams and you feel like you’re running through a meadow. The result: an emotional attachment to a skincare line.

“This is not a perfume,” says the founder Tata Harper herself. “You’re smelling the essence of the flowers, and it gives you this overall emotional well-being and relief. Husbands smell it on their wives, and now they use it too.”

But the skincare line goes deeper than just its insta-calming scent. It plumps and hydrates the deepest layer of your dermis, thanks to a powerful ingredient known for its ability to stimulate collagen – hyaluronic acid. Created naturally by the skin, hyalronic appears in the Tata products in quantities that are four times more than what your skin makes on its own, leading to maxium-strength skin – and youth. “Deep hydration is the most basic way to treat antiaging,” Tata says. “And we get our hyaluronic straight from Israel, at $200 a gallon.  It’s the highest quality we’ve found.”

And with such high-cost ingredients comes high-cost retail prices, the biggest gripe about the Tata products. Sure, you won’t find them at Duane Reade, but as the saying goes: you get what you pay for. “Most of what you find in drugstores contains silicon,” says Tata. “And these synthetic creams make your skin feel soft, but they’re like putting Saran wrap around your skin.”

Which explains why a lot of the moisturizing products we see in shops leave our skin dry; they don’t penetrate the deepest layer  – only the outer layer –  leaving the skin still completely dehydrated.

To combat this, the best product to check out is the Tata Rebuilding Moisturizer; it’s for combination skin, and contains healing raw honey, exfoliating willow bark, and muscle-relaxing Spanish lavender. It’s basically a tree-in-a-bottle. For a gentle, yet exfoliating daily cleanser, the Regenerating Cleanser is a good choice, chock-full of apricot seed kernels for sloughing off dead skin, aloe vera for hydration, and grapefruit for skin freshness. A favorite: the tinted Be Adored lip balm, which visibly plumps your lips and turns them berry-colored, thanks to ingredients like rainforest acai oil and green tea.

And when you’re done applying these, you just might want to put on your straw hat, grab a lemonade, and run through that little patch of weeds by the nearest train station. And that’s okay – you’ll look good doing it.

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