Support Evolve (and Gun Safety) with This Painting and More on Charitybuzz

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Evolve aims to promote gun safety by abandoning typical labels–the “pro’s” and the “anti’s” and focusing rather on responsible gun ownership and prioritizing smart gun use. Given the scary abundance of preventable gun violence and accidents in recent years, it’s an important cause to support. By focusing on a “code” of responsible behaviors rather than the divisive nature of gun politics, Evolve’s goal is to unite even those with the most disparate views by making safety (something that should be a non-negotiable, unquestionable concept) the main idea. By taking simple preventive measures such as storing guns properly and keeping them out of the hands of children, and implementing rules of safe handling, lives can be saved.


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For the holidays, give a gift that keeps on giving by picking one of the amazing gifts included in Evolve’s charitybuzz auction, which artist Domingo Zapata has contributed a painting to. Of his decision to get involved in supporting Evolve’s work, the artist says, “As the father of two kids I want to keep them safe. I support Evolve because I believe personal choices by gun owners will be the most powerful weapon in eliminating needless accidents, that are both stupid and tragic.”

Other available gifts include a $2,000 shopping spree and exclusive tour at Diane Von Furstenberg, a top model experience with Nigel Barker, tickets to Jim Gaffigan’s comedy show, and even a stay at a castle in Ireland. Bid here!