Stolen Dalí Mailed Back To UES Gallery

Case closed. Back to your donuts, coppers. The $150K Salvador Dalí painting stolen last week in broad daylight from an Upper East Side gallery has returned. In fact, it was mailed back. What polite thieves!

Last week, a man removed the painting Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio off the wall of the Venus Over Manhattan gallery, stuffed it in a shopping bag, and walked out. According to The New York Post, earlier this week the gallery received an email reading "Cartel on its way back to you already," with an Express Mail tracking number. As promised, the 11-inch painting arrived "in pristine condition" at John F. Kennedy International Airport, where it was intercepted by police. Not surprisingly, the return address appears to be fake. 

A spokesperson for the investigation said its difficult to sell stolen artwork "because they’re hot," which I think is movie gangster slang for "everyone’s going to know it’s stolen." Thus, it’s still unclear who jacked the painting in the first place or why. But rest assured knowing a rich person now has his very expensive painting back.

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