Senator Asks MTV Not To Tarnish West Virginia’s Good Name With ‘Buckwild’ Show

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has an earnest plea for MTV: reconsider how you are portraying the four-wheeling, gun-shooting state in upcoming reality show Buckwild, which looks to be the Jersey Shore of former coal-mining towns.  

Buckwild stars nine rural West Virginians partying as best they can out in the boonies (i.e. there is no Karma), which means a lot of playing the mud. Sen. Manchin penned a letter to MTV fretting over "ugly, inaccurate stereotypes" in Buck Wild, like young people "drinking" and "swearing" and filling up the back of a pickup truck with water to use it as a pool, Fox News reported.

Certainly this program sounds like it will tarnish West Virginia’s good image. Why, people might start to think the state has a problem with poverty and education!

Buckwild debuts on January 3 at 10p.m. EST.  

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