Saskia Diez Silver Melting Necklace: Today’s Market Pick

There’s a time and a place for costume jewelry, but I find the most beauty in the subtle, personal pieces that don’t necessarily scream for attention. Delicate adornments let the wearer shine, but that fact doesn’t diminish the beauty of pieces like this. 

Take Saskia Diez’s fine "melting" silver necklace, so humbly but beautifully pouring over the body, either quietly layered over clothing, or mostly hidden beneath it. The necklace is minimal, but smart; there are details here, even in its simplicity, that deserve attention, like the way the necklace gently hugs the nape of the neck before the silver chain flows down in a manner to which we’re more accustomed.

Whether worn with a simple black dress, a plaid shirt, a white tee, or whatever, this melting piece from Saskia Diez would fit in beautifully.

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