Sarah Silverman Once Got Punched In The Face Defending The Pluck U Chicken

Whether this story about Sarah Silverman getting punched in the face by the New Jersey scum while defending the Pluck U chicken almost doesn’t matter, because it is awesome.

Silverman was promoting the kids’ flick Wreck-It Ralph in the UK’s Guardian and somehow got to talking about the three different times she’s been punched in the face: once at Comic-Con by a man wearing a Hulk fist, once by Ryan Phillipe while filming a movie scene, and once while defending the guy dressed up like the Pluck U chicken from getting beaten up.

She explains, I hope truthfully:

I used to pass out flyers on the corner of 3rd and MacDougal in New York City for a comedy club from 4pm to 2am. I was sharing the corner with the Pluck U Chicken, who was this young, Asian student in a chicken suit. He was a sweetheart. The scariest people in New York City are the bridge and tunnel beer-drinking teens, and one night they started pushing him around and I got in between them, not out of heroism, it just didn’t occur to me in a million years one would hurt precious me. Some guy punched me square in the temple and knocked me unconscious.

You’ll be happy to hear the other punching incidents weren’t quite so dangerous: ComicCon dude got dragged away by security, while Phillipe only left an "egg" on her jaw.

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