R.E.M. Bops ‘Fox & Friends’ Over ‘Losing My Religion’ Usage, Fox Sasses Back

R.E.M. issued a cease and desist letter to Fox News this week after Fox & Friends used the band’s song Losing My Religion to illustrated that Democrats are butt-fucking, baby-killing God-less heathens during its coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

In a statement posted on the web site R.E.M. HQ, the band claimed the use was "unlicensed" and "unauthorized." Michael Stipe is quoted saying:

We have little or no respect for their puff adder brand of reportage. Our music does not belong there.

First of all: puff adder, you guys.

Second of all, unfortunately, Fox & Friends, as fucking dumb as it may be, could have used the song with the proper permissions. A predictably snotty response from Fox as reported by Entertainment Weekly answered:

FOX News Channel’s use of an R.E.M. song during Thursday’s edition of Fox & Friends was in full accordance with its license agreements with all appropriate parties. Nevertheless, we’re always flattered to have this much attention for a song selection and we hope R.E.M. was able to satisfy their publicity fix.

It’s a case of he said, she said and the jury is still out on whether Fox News used Losing My Religion legally. (Or why it didn’t occur to them to cover Sandra Fluke’s speech with a sample of Liz Phair’s Fuck And Run.)

I guess right now Michael Stipe is playing this:

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