Prince Hot Ginge, I Mean Harry, Covers ‘GQ Australia’

GQ Australia‘s latest smoldering (I mean, smouldering) cover model is Prince Hot Ginge himself.

The accompanying article in the April 2013 rhapsodizes over Prince Harry’s  princely ass:

"Let’s consider Prince Harry’s arse. We have, surely, all seen it by now — muscular, well-formed and very white. The ghost of his board shorts speaks of a long day in the hot Las Vegas sun."

But it quickly segues to the 28-year-old prince’s military career, which he recently admitted has included taking some lives in Afghanistan, and notes that he’s only become more likeable to the public after his naked-romp-in-Las-Vegas shenanagins this past summer. 

Harry also recently covered the high-end British tabloid Tatler as their "Man Of The Year." The American magazine Town & Country named him their "Most Eligible Bachelor" of 2012, beating out George Clooney and 38 other men. (Ffffttttt. Obviously.) 

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