Picasso Vandal Is Some 22-Year-Old Punk-ass Kid

Houston police have nabbed the wackjob who spray-painted a bull and the word "conquista" (Spanish for "conquest") on a painting by Pablo Picasso last week — and he turns out to be some 22-year-old punk-ass kid.

Uriel Landeros, 22, has been charged with criminal mischief and felony graffiti after has caught on a cell phone video vandalizing Picasso’s Woman In A Red Armchair with gold spraypaint at the Menil Collection museum. Landeros got busted after the video was uploaded to YouTube and a good citizen called Crime Stoppers to identify him. 

As for the Woman In A Red Armchair, a Menil Collection spokesperson said the 1929 painting has been cleaned of gold spray paint in an on-site conservation lab and is ready to hang again. 

It’s still unclear what Landeros meant by the bull and "conquista," though. He seems to think he is an "up-and-coming Mexican-American artist" who was paying tribute to Picasso’s work. Way to take the concept of cultural mashups literally, dude. 

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