Pepsi/Coke Feud Could Keep Nicki Minaj Off ‘American Idol’

Nicki Minaj’s shot at a seat in the American Idol judge’s chair could be derailed by a can of Pepsi, The New York Post reports. American Idol is famously Product Placement-palooza for Coca-Cola … which could be a problem for Minaj’s multimillion dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi.

Pepsi sponsors Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Reloaded tour and the rapper also fronts the brand’s Live For Now campaign. While it’s unclear exactly what her Pepsi contract says, it is likely that it carries language barring her from working with a competitor. American Idol plans to start holding auditions in the next week or two, so they’re anxious to sort this out soon. I mean, maybe they can just let her sit next to a Pepsi can instead of a Coke can?

I think the hashtag for this should be #richpeopleproblems.

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