Pain-In-The-Ass Bigots Harassing NBC Over Gay Comedy

One Million Moms, the very noisy group of bigots that only wishes it numbered one million people strong, is threatening to boycott NBC’s advertisers over the upcoming fall comedy, The New Normal. The show will star Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannels as a gay couple who try to start a family via a surrogate; its creators and executive producers are Ryan Murphy and Allison Alder, who are both openly gay. Oh my God, OMM’s minds must be blown

OMM, which is a product of the anti-gay marriage group the American Family Association, has promised to target The New Normal‘s advertisers and prevent this pernicious show from infecting your TV and "desensitize American and our children" with offensiveness that is "opposite of how families are designed and created." Wah wah wah "decay of morals and values" wah wah wah "redefine marriage" wah wah wah "harmful to our society" wah wah wah.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation dismissed the bigots’ revulsion to show, which premieres on  September 11, and sniffed that the group was "doing its best to stir controversy where there is none."

In other news: Justin Bartha had better take his shirt off on The New Normal or I will be launching a boycott of my own.

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