Our Favorite Homoerotic Boy Band One Direction Smooches Onstage

Once upon a time, boy band homoeroticism was a little more subtle. They might have rocked floppy hair and spent a lot of time at that tour bus together, but you they had a vested interest in appearing apple-pie-and-Applebys straight. And then there’s the British boy band One Direction. The boys don’t hide their homoerotic horseplay and even play it up for laughs, like when two of the boys appeared to kiss onstage at a concert in Texas this week. Watch the video after the jump and help me figure out what in the name of Lance Bass is going on.

A fan (or beleagured parent who drove the minivan) captured a video of the One Direction gents singing "Beautiful." There’s a brief pause in the song and all of a sudden, two of the boys — Harry Styles, I think? And some other one? I can’t tell, they all have Bieber hair— appear to kiss. Like, on the lips. 

The moment passes without much of a response from the crowd, but towards the end of the song, the boys engage in a little more horseplay onstage — Zayn Malik strokes Harry’s face while he’s singing and tugs at his shirt, which, duh, drives the teenaged girl crowd wild.

What to make of One Direction’s butt-grabbing, hand-holding and now public kissing? Maybe they’re just playing it up for laughs. Maybe the boys are just Brits and genuinely just don’t care if they get mocked by us American prudes. Maybe they’re just giving the fans — uh, like the ones that read the gay pop culture blog Unicorn Booty — what they want. Who cares? Go forth and butt-grab, boys. 

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