On His Mother’s Birthday, Ronan Farrow Does Absolutely Nothing To Make Us Stop Wanting To Bone Him

Ronan Farrow — 25-year-old wunderkind, thinking woman’s pinup, sex god (OK, I made that last part up) — is adorable on his mother Mia Farrow’s birthday. Adorable

Ronan, the only biological son of Farrow and Woody Allen, tweeted a link to an Urban Dictionary entry of his mother’s name:

Swoon. Reminder of why we love him: Ronan graduated Simon’s Rock of Bard at 15 and then moved on Yale Law School, he was a UNICEF spokesperson for the youth of the world, he was a Rhodes Scholar, he worked for the State Department under Hillary Clinton, and beneath those dreamy eyes is a certified child prodigy.  

Is it any wonder that a Google search up "Ronan Farrow" brings up the searches "Ronan Farrow girlfriend," quickly followed by "Ronan Farrow boyfriend"?  

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