Obama Secures All-Important Snoop Dogg Endorsement

In a stunning blow to Mitt Romney who may or may not have seriously received an endorsement from Nicki Minaj this week,  President Obama has clinched Snoop Dogg’s endorsement in the 2012 election.  

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival last night to promote the documentary in which he stars, Reincarnated, Snoop Dogg (who now goes by Snoop Lion) told the audience:

They need to give Obama four more years, man. Bush fucked up for eight years. So you got to give him another four. It’s not like they (Republicans) gave him a clean house. They gave him a house where the TV didn’t work, the toilet was stuffed up. Everything was wrong with the house. Anyways, he knocked down our most hated and most wanted, the one who had our terror (alert) on orange and red or whatever color it was on. He went and found him, the one that Bush couldn’t seem to find, the one who seemed to fly away on the day of 9/11 and all that. … And anyone who can go in peace now and walk around, he made that happen. So please don’t forget that. So give him four years to get his thing together. 

And there you have it: Snoop Dogg is the voice of reason on American politics.

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