Nicolas Cage In Talks For Christian End-Times Reboot ‘Left Behind’

Unless you have an evangelical Christian in your life, you probably did not see the Kirk Cameron-starring Left Behind films about "the   Rapture." But you might get your chance again with a big budget, mainstream remake starring Nicolas Cage. Same religious end-times message, with more action movie clichés — AKA Jesus Twilight.

The Left Behind books, written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, are an action-packed series of 16 novels that pits the Anti-Christ against all of humanity; total sales for the series have surpassed 65 million copies and spawned two spin-off series and a video game. In 2000, evanglical Christian Kirk Cameron starred in a film adaptation of the first Left Behind novel (which was sequalized as well) but The Hollywood Reporter reports Hollywood is eyeing a more mainstream remake "in the mold of a classic disaster film." Naturally this is where Nic Cage comes in.

Writers/producers Paul Lalonde and John Patus, who worked on the original film and its sequals, have penned the mainstream screenplay through the faith-oriented film company Cloud Ten and are seeking a $15 million budget. No word on whether Cage’s involvement with Left Behind will be anything more than "in talks," but something tells me Jesus Twilight will be right up his batshit crazypants alley. 

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