Naughty Prince Harry Sent To Afghanistan As Punishment, Says Taliban

Even the Taliban heard about Prince Harry’s Vegas nude photos: they were that big of a deal.

The Taliban has sniffed at the prince’s re-deployment this week to Afghanistan, calling it a publicity stunt in the wake of his embarrassing photo scandal which will be purely symbolic and dared the British forces to have Harry leave the base. A Taliban spokesman is quoted in the UK’s Telegraph

"The Prince was seen in naked pictures in England. To cover this shame, maybe he can atone by showing that he is fighting beside their soldiers in Afghanistan."

Frankly, I had the similar thoughts myself when I heard Prince Harry would be re-deployed to Afghanistan: he’s in trou-uu-bbb-le. Who knows whether the deployment was planned before the infamous game of strip pool or hastily arranged afterwards. But surely the palace and the British Army can rest assured that in Afghanistan he is going to keep. His. Drawers. On.

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