‘Mob Wives’ Season Three Captures Hurricane Sandy On Staten Island

VH1’s supertrailer of Mob Wives‘ season three, which debuts January 6, promises all the same death threats, trout pouts, and correctional facility visits as before. But this season there’s something "real" on the reality: Hurricane Sandy hitting Staten Island.

Staten Island is, of course, where all the ladies of Mob Wives (who are really more like Mob Daughters, Ex-Wives And Girlfriends) drink, gossip, and threaten to bust each other’s kneecaps. The first few minutes of this supertrailer are the same-old, same-old, but halfway through filming Sandy hits the Island and we see the real devastation up close.

Drita D’Avanzo (the blonde one) made headlines shortly after Sandy for showing up to some relief efforts on the Island and filming scenes from the show. A volunteer who witnessed her and VH1’s film crew in action told the New York Observer, "She was not well received and was able to clear a hot coffee stand on a cold day in 2 seconds.”

Of course that part will be on the cutting room floor. 

Watch the season three trailer for Mob Wives below: 

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