MLK’s ‘Dream’ Fifty Years Later: Are We There Yet?

If Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today—the 50th anniversary of his "I Have a Dream" speech—he would be 84 years old. He would also be able to witness something that his younger self might never have imagined: A black president making a speech reflecting on the civil rights movement. President Obama’s commemorative speech today was made at the same location where MLK delivered his own famous speech to 250,000 civil rights supporters on August 28, 1963: on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

MLK’s speech wasn’t just a defining moment for the civil rights movement, but for modern American history: Over 100 leading scholars of American public address named it the Number One political speech of the 20th century.

So on the 50th anniversary of "I Have Dream," take a few moments to experience the passion and poetry of one of the most influential Americans of all time and ask yourself: Are we there yet?

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