Mick Jagger Had ‘Clandestine Affair’ With Carla Bruni, Got Shot Down By Angelina Jolie

There is no question that Mick Jagger has romanced a lot of women in his day. (Well, "romanced" might not be the right word.) But a new biography Mick: The Wild Life And Mad Genius Of Jagger by Christopher Anderson plumbs the depths of this rock star’s insatiable libido, revealing the details of how he stole former French First Lady Carla Bruni away from Eric Clapton and also got shot down by none other than Angelina Jolie. 

Jagger met Carla Bruni, then a 23-year-old model and heiress, in 1990 while on the Urban Jungle tour. But she wasn’t just a pretty woman following the tour: she was on the arm of Jagger’s friend Eric Clapton. And Clapton was in love, Mick claims. But that didn’t stop Jagger and Bruni from carrying on a "clandestine affair," as Clapton put it. It crushed Clapton and did not please Jagger’s main lady, Jerry Hall, either. Poor Hall learned exactly what looking the other way entailed when Jagger flew off to Thailand with Bruni while Hall was laying in the hospital with their newborn daughter. For her part, Bruni promised her boyfriend in a note (which was found by Hall), "I’ll be your mistress forever." 

Their affair didn’t quite turn out to last "forever": Carla Bruni notably moved on to both publisher Jean-Paul Enthoven and his son (!), the philosopher Raphael Enthoven, and later to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. And Mick moved on, too: Mick reports that the singer fell head over heels for Angelina Jolie while she played the part of a stripper in a Rolling Stones video. 

Mick — like every other dude on the planet — was turned on by Angelina’s dark side, saying "She scares me a little. I like that." Jagger pursued her ardently and yet she felt mostly apathetic; they carried on together for years while she was dating other men and starring in increasingly high-profile movie roles. One wonders if they never quite gelled as a couple because Jolie was not content to merely be a rock star’s girlfriend but to be an A-lister in her own right. 

The revelations in Mick may not be news to Rolling Stones-philes. But for anyone who needs the gaps filled in their rock star history, Mick would seem to do the trick.

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