Megan Lochte Is Sorry She Got Caught Being Racist

Megan Lochte, sister of the dumbest swimmer in the history of the Olympics, is very sorry she got caught repeatedly using the word "chink" on a 2008 talk show appearance. But it’s all a misunderstanding, you see! Megan is not racist. Oh no, no, no, no. She was actually making a meta-commentary about racism and the racist way some people think. Ohhhhh.

In a statement to US Weekly, Megan Lochte offers a convoluted response to why this whole "chink" business has been blown out of proportion.

This was not a real interview, and it in no way reflects my true feelings or persona whatsoever, The intent was to make fun of the ignorance of people who actually do not have an understanding of other cultures and speak in racist ways. The skit and my character were supposed to be making fun of ignorance … I do see how it was highly offensive to the viewer, but as seen by today’s widespread outrage, it clearly did increase awareness of the ignorance of those who are racist. … While the intent of the script was to shed light on cultural ignorance. I realize that in application it did offend people, and for that I apologize.

Poor taste is telling dick jokes to your grandmothers’ friends, not ironic racism (whatever that even means).  And blaming one’s own words on a script is just cowardly. Megan Lochte has indeed succeeded in provoking discussion, but its not so much about "cultural ignorance" as it is the continued ignorance of the entire Lochte family.

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