Man Brandishing Scissors Hops Fence Into Miley Cyrus’ Yard

A mentally ill man claiming to be married to Miley Cyrus was arrested at 4a.m. this morning after he hopped a fence onto her property. KATV chillingly reports the man was allegedly "clutching a pair of scissors."

 Cyrus wasn’t home at the time, E! reported, but the Hannah Montana actress’ employees answered the door and the intruder claimed to be a friend of Miley’s. When her employees would not let him in, the man allegedly threw himself against an outside wall at the house and KCBS also said he "started to light candles." When police arrived, he reportedly jumped to hide inside some bushes and tried to run away. He stopped trying to escape when threatened with a Taser.

He had a pair of "nail clipper-like scissors," KCBS said, and wear wearing a heart-shaped accessory attached to his shirt. "I would said delusional is a good characterization of him," said a Los Angeles Police Department lieutenant. He gave his identify as Jason Luis Rivera and reportedly has a criminal history.

Silly trespasser. Everybody knows she is engaged to hunkahunka burning man meat Liam Hemsworth.

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