London To Paul McCartney, The Boss: Shaddup!

Just because you are an international icon doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the rules. That’s what Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney learned when they had their mics cut out onstage on London last night after the Boss’s concert went past its 10:15p.m. curfew. Shit, and people think Bloomberg runs a tight ship.

Springsteen played to a crowd of 65,000 London’s Hyde Park on Saturday night with his E Street Band and Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello. Towards the end of his set, he brought McCartney out onstage to sing Twist and Shout and I Saw Her Standing There, as fireworks went off the the background. But at 10:40p.m., before the musicians could thank the crowd, the mics went dead.

Concert organizers reportedly didn’t want to get bopped for violating the license for the event. London is strict about noise complaints, especially in the posh Hyde Park neighborhood.

Guitarist Stevie Van Zandt tweeted about the incident, putting it succinctly: "[W]hen I’m jamming with McCartney don’t bug me!"

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