“Lindsay Is Back!” Trumpets New ‘Liz & Dick’ Trailer

It was never clear whether Lifetime was stunt-casting Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor or whether she was genuinely hired for the role because she was better than that other bold-faced front runner, Megan Fox. Whatever the truth is, Lifetime is all too happy to utilize Lindsay’s tabloid persona in promoting Liz & Dick

A new promo of The Greatest Lifetime Orginal Movie Of All Time teases the actual film eventually, but first plays voiceovers of entertainment journalists saying things like "She’s 25 years old and it’s her comeback!" and "She got a bad rap!" as the screen read "Her first starring role in five years." Now, I’m not even sure that’s true — Lindsay "starred" in a commercial for a gambling web site while under house arrest and who can forget this really weird commercial she did co-starring with a puppet? I’m also not sure that Lifetime should be tooting its horn about giving Lindsay Lohan a "starring role" in a film. You’re Lifetime, not friggin’ HBO. 

But anyway, you have to admit that Liz & Dick looks terribly trashy. And at least her co-start Grant Bowler went through the entire teaser without dissing her

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