Ke$ha Has an Extremely Catchy New Song With Iggy Pop

By now, you’ve probably heard Ke$ha’s latest single, "Die Young" in your everyday life so many times that the earworm has not only firmly nestled into your brain, but now has a regular commute and is working on raising a family. Maybe you’ve even seen the video, packed with Illuminati-conspiracy-theory-evoking imagery, gratuitous footage of wolves and lots of glitter. Maybe it’s your super favorite jam of 2012 so far — and fair enough, a jam indeed it is. 

But if "Die Young" just isn’t cutting it for you, there is plenty more Ke$ha to go around, and with more Special Guest Stars, including Patrick Carney of The Black Keys (who co-wrote and co-produced closer "Love Into the Light"). Her next glorious apocalyptic frat party of an album, Warrior, drops December 4th and will be available for a preview stream on iTunes soon. In the meantime, the singer released a new track from her third album, featuring one surprising-but-not-really-surprising guest: Mr. Iggy Pop. Their collab, "Dirty Love," is a straightforward, stomping rock ode to knowing what you want (and how to get it). Iggy appears for the rather unsubtle bridge: "Cockroaches do it / in garbage cans / rug merchants do it / in Afghanistan / Santorum did it / in a V-neck sweater." This may be the first—and last—time Rick Santorum’s sex life is ever mentioned in a pop song. Listen below.

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