Katie Holmes’ ‘Les Miserables’ Solo Predicted TomKat Split, Sort Of

We here at Black Book were shattered — shattered, I tell you — to hear of the recent divorcing filing of Katie Holmes from Tom Cruise. I don’t exactly recall this Dawson’s Creek clip of Katie warbling On My Own making the rounds back when Katie and ex-boyfriend Chris Klein split. (Um, was the Internet even invented back then?) All the more reason we should all watch it now.

So much to enjoy: Dawson’s ’90s hair! Michelle Williams egregiously abusing her hair straightener! Katie back when she had a glint in her eye and a verve in her step!  I’m not quite sure she could ever make it in the role of Eponine on Broadway but she certainly held her own at the local talent show. Dawson certainly thought so.

(P.S. If you want to hear a better pretty young thing covering On My Own, my vote goes to Jessica Lowndes from 90210, who has an impressive set of pipes on her.)

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