Jennifer Hudson Refers To Herself In The Third Person In ‘Lucky’ Interview

Some divas, you sort of expect them to refer to themselves in the third person, or even the royal "we." Celine Dion. Mariah Carey. Aretha Franklin. (Wait, do these women actually use the word "I"? BRB, fact-checking.) But what about American Idol winner Jennifer Hudson?

Nothing against Jennifer Hudson. It’s not her fault that her subplot in Sex & The City was terribly silly. Or that she’s more famous for being a Weight Watchers spokesperson than for winning an Oscar for Dreamgirls

But I did not expect to be reading the interview with J-Hud in January’s Lucky magazine and read this sentence:

When Jennifer has free time, I am shopping!

Come again? Did Jennifer just refer to Jennifer in the third person like Jennifer can get away with doing that? 

If Lindsay Lohan referred to herself in the third person, we would all assume that’s just because she is insane. But Jennifer Hudson seemed grounded for someone with such an amazing a rags-to-riches story. Maybe … not.

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