Jayne County Gets Lower East Side Biography Project Documentary

The Lower East Side Biography Project is a thing I didn’t know existed until 10 minutes ago and now I am OB.SESSED. First up, a mini-documentary of Jayne County, drag performer and musician.


County arrived in New York City from rural Georgia in 1967 and in no time at all with Andy Warhol’s plas like Candy Darling and soon found herself a fixture on the Max’s Kansas City and The Factory art scene, as well as a trans and drag pioneer. In songs like Are You Man Enough To Be A Woman?, County told the world, "I am what I am / and I don’t give a damn!"  She’s known as rock’s first transsexual singer or, as James St. James put it at World Of Wonder, County is a "trans punk LEGEND." 

The full Lowest East Side Biography Project documentary is 28 minutes long, but Vimeo’s got this five-minute clip.

Watch below!

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