I’m Not Sure That’s What “Feminist” Means, Aaron Cohen, But OK

All kinds of bizarre things come into my life via a "feminist" Google alert and one of them is this music video by Mishka NYC for the Seattle rapper, Aaron Cohen. The song, Feminist, produced by A$AP Ty Beats. doesn’t seem to have a single thing to do with feminists, though.



"Life’s a bitch, but I’m a feminist" taken on their own are lyrics I and the rest of the hairy-armpitted, baby-killers can get behind. But I sense he’s rapping the worst "feminist" as if it means "ladies’ man," because the rest of the lyrics aren’t about gender issues or women’s rights or anything close to it really. I’m not saying every song that uses the word "feminist" has to be off Free To Be You And Me; I’m just saying it’s all confusing.

Anyway, HypeBeast says the single is from Cohen’s upcoming mixtape MURK, which will come out in August by Miskha.

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