Here’s A Listen From Laura Marling’s New Album

Laura Marling’s new album isn’t out until May 28, but she’s streaming a track of Where Can I Go right now.


Long before Adele was a household name, long before Ellie Goulding serenaded the royal couple at their wedding, Marling was a talented British songstress quietly putting out really, really good music. Her 2008 album Alas I Cannot Swim was beloved (by me, at least) but never quite got the CD-at-the-cashier-at-Starbucks status it deserved.  

She put out two more albums (and dated Marcus Mumford pre-Carey Mulligan) and will release her fourth album, Once I Was An Eagle, in May. Here’s a steam the single Where Can I Go, which is classic, dependable Marling, along with a tracklist of the other 15 songs over at Brooklyn Vegan

It’s quite good:

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