Happy Birthday, Becks!

H&M fall 2013 campaign

We could simply justify our appreciation for David Beckham with the fact that his significant other and mother to his four children is Posh Spice, but he’s so much more than that.

Just a year shy from 40, Becks not only kicks the soccer ball around well, he also fills out a pair of David Beckham for H&M Body-wear like a pro. His kids love him because apparently playing with Legos with them is therapeutic for him; we love him because he’s one of the spiffiest Brits around; and his wife loves him because… well, you can figure that one out by yourself (and it has something to do with what’s in those briefs.)

So here’s to you Mr. Beckham, may your day be filled with balls (of the soccer variety) and way too many Pimm’s cups!

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